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We are very grateful to YOHC who have supported both our parents through thick and thin over the last few years.

About four years ago it became obvious that Mum and Dad needed more help to cope at home. As a family, we each live too far away to be able to visit them daily. We initially contacted YOHC to help our mother care for our father, as his physical needs had increased, and the daily routines were becoming too much for both of them. YOHC helped our father with washing and dressing both morning and evening and also helped Mum with some of the housework to support his needs.

After Dad passed away YOHC continued to support our mother initially providing companionship and encouragement for her hobbies and interests and help running the home. This naturally transitioned to care as her health slowly declined and she herself needed more practical day-to-day help. YOHC were an absolute lifeline for Mum during Covid lock downs when we as a family were not allowed to travel.

The care provided by YOHC has been extremely flexible and over the years has naturally evolved and changed as our parents needs changed. The carers always dealt with any situation they found on a visit, sometimes staying much longer than scheduled because the circumstances dictated this. On occasions, the carer stayed with our parents until a member of the family was able to arrive and take over.

We really appreciated YOHC contacting us when they noted issues or problems, either with the house maintenance or with our parent’s health. In either case these were approached with sensitivity, discretion and care not to undermine our parents independence or dignity. We really appreciated YOHC contacting us, it made us the family feel part of a joined-up team to care for our parents. YOHC always endeavoured to keep our parents safe and their experience with supporting the processing of aging was invaluable.

Mum always expressed the wish to stay in her own home as long as she could, and we are extremely grateful to YOHC for making her wish possible.

Client’s daughters – Berkhamsted.

“Your Own Home Care has been providing excellent care for several Owners in our retirement living apartments since November 2018.

Helen and her staff are efficient, experienced, calm, and cheerful, always treating everyone with dignity and respect. During the height of the Covid pandemic, they took every precaution to keep everyone safe from the virus with a very high level of PPE and still always wear masks.

Helen and her team communicate extremely well with me as Lodge Manager which is vital to ensure the well-being of all clients. They will often go above and beyond their duties and will constantly assess any changes in their client’s needs and put these practices in place.

For less mobile clients, the carers will ensure that they attend our social events with support which is important for their mental well-being. In the period that YOHC has been attending the Lodge, the team has engaged with all the Owners and always takes time to have a chat.

One gentleman at the Lodge was so fond of his ‘girls’ he named them Helen’s Angels!

If I am asked if I know a good care company, I will only recommend YOHC.”

Susan Kearney – Lodge Manager, Berkhamsted

“Your Own Home Care has been providing excellent service with very caring and compassionate staff to my Mum for over a year. The company is run by a committed manager with high standards who knows the clients and their requirements, and with all aspects of their health, well-being and nutrition monitored daily.

Many of the staff have been with the company for quite a while, enabling both carer and client to get to know each other well. When a new carer joins the team, great care is taken to introduce them and for them to become familiar with a clients needs.

The carers are very friendly and treat Mum with dignity and respect and are constantly aware of any changes in her daily condition and will readily adapt to any changing needs. I am regularly kept informed of all aspects of her care and the advice given by them is invaluable.

In recent times of Covid-19, all staff are properly equipped with PPE and I have no concerns about any danger to Mum in respect of this.

You may well find a cheaper provider, but I doubt you will find a company that delivers such a good, consistent service that treats your family like their own.

I have nothing but praise for the company and it’s well trained carers, and this gives me an opportunity to say a special thank you to them all.”

Teresa (Mum lives in Studham)

“My mother is 93 years young and in the last year she’s become rather frail and confused. As I don’t live nearby, I realised she needed support, although she believed she was coping. It took a little while for her to adjust to having a small team of carers but, thanks to their dedication and experience, she now recognises how much her daily life has improved. As her daughter, I feel less concerned about her welfare, particularly in the present circumstances, because I know she has a daily visit. If a carer has concerns, I’ve received a phone call so that I can deal with the issue as quickly as possible.

Care has been taken to understand my mother and her needs. She has been treated with compassion, patience and understanding. Caring for elderly, vulnerable people is a challenging job requiring very special people: Your Own Home Care has succeeded in recruiting them. I’m pleased that they are involved in my mother’s care.”

Patricia (Mother lives in Tring)

“My wife suffered a catastrophic stroke in 2018 and after 7 months in hospital finally returned home in October of that year.

I was extremely apprehensive about how to care for my now severely handicapped wife, who was not  only paralysed down her right side, was doubly  incontinent and had severe speech difficulties. Fortunately, I selected Helen Yates to provide a small team of carers to provide assistance for me on a daily basis.

Helen is a total professional and asked to visit Northwick Park Hospital, Regional Hyper Acute Ward in order to gain a full understanding of my wife’s needs from the Doctors and specialist nursing team, and therefore be able to provide a seamless care regime upon my wife’s return home.

The carers that Helen has provided for the past 18 months are not only skilled in the everyday tasks of getting my wife out of bed each morning, toileted, showered and dressed, but even more importantly are kind and compassionate friends that we both look forward to seeing every day.

During the past 18 months Helen has constantly communicated with the team of Physiotherapists* and speech therapist** that I have working with my wife at home, in order to provide a unified approach to rehabilitation, which I am convinced has greatly contributed to my wife’s continuing recovery.

In short, I  have no hesitation in  recommending Helen Yates and her Team for whatever level of care is needed.”

John Worboys – (shortgrovemanor@gmail.com)

*Neuro Physio Berkhamsted Ltd. – (admin@neurophysioberkhamsted.co.uk)
**Lyn Button. Advanced Independent Clinical Practitioner Speech and Language Therapist. – (lynbutton44@gmail.com)

“Your Own Home Care have been brilliant.  They started care at short notice following my Dad’s stroke. It was like having a weight lifted knowing that he had these lovely people going in to help him.

Communication is very good. I get a message or a phone call If the Carer’s notice any change in Dad that they think I should be aware of. Dad looks forward to his care visits. I cannot speak highly enough of them all. They have made such a difference to my Dad’s life, which in turn has a knock on effect on me, knowing he has kind and capable people looking after him.”

Rachel Mead – Wilstone

“Helen and her team do a superb job in caring for all of my 96-year-old father’s needs. I live in France, and I gain great peace of mind from the all-round level of care provided. From monitoring and managing his health, to providing meals that he enjoys, to responding to any requests or issues quickly and sympathetically, the team at Your Own Home Care always go the extra mile.

My grateful thanks to all of the team.”

Ian Salvage

“Since September 2018, I have been well looked after by my carers from Your Own Home Care. Although I am mobile, they put cream on my legs to help with my cellulitis and help with my housekeeping. I find the carers professional and cheerful. They have been a great help in difficult times.”

David Clark – Castle Village, Berkhamsted

“After my husband Bernard Taylor had a fall in August 2017 causing brain injury, I needed carers to help me care for him. He was discharged from hospital in November and after live in carers for a few weeks Your Own  Home Care started on 12th December  providing me with much needed carers to help me care for him. I am his main carer.

The carers are all very professional. Polite efficient and caring. Your Own Home Care Is always very accommodating and helpful. As I cannot leave him at home on his own, I appreciate the carers looking after him to allow me time
to go shopping etc.

Bernie benefits from their visits as they play cards, look at photo albums, chat and listen to music.

Thank you everyone at Your Own Home Care for being there for both of us.”

Grete Taylor – Wigginton

“Following my right hip revision operation on the 21 August 2018 YOHC provided me with personal care from the beginning of Sept to the end of Feb 2019; from my zimmer frame stage to walking freely; services at home varying from the very personal to at the end household work such as bathroom cleaning and ironing. From the onset I was promised a high standard of services and at no time during the 6 months has performance ever dipped from that standard.

The caring staff of YOHC, and I must have had a dozen or more, all came over as well suited to the work, able and well trained, sociable, prompt on attendance, and hard working and their turn out in YOHC uniform was always clean and smart.

I think that the services provided have been good value for money and I would have no hesitation in using YOHC services again in the future and in recommending their use to others.

My thanks to yourself and your lady carer staff for the last 6 months.”

Brian Jones – Northchurch

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