Providing the highest standards of care

Staying in your own home promotes well-being and independence but sometimes it may be necessary to have a little bit of help to provide the confidence and peace of mind to be able to do this. At Your Own Home Care, we are uncompromising in our commitment to providing the highest standards of care. Your Own Home Care, in Hertfordshire, is a nurse-led organisation and the principles of good nursing care underpin everything that we do. Our patients and clients, their families, and our staff are at the heart of our work.

Every client is treated as an individual. Our care is flexible and designed to take into account the diverse needs and views of each person: we listen to what our clients want and plan their care accordingly. Our guiding principle is to treat people, both staff and clients, in such a way that we would choose for ourselves, our families, and our friends. Respect, dignity, and kindness are our core values and these govern the way that we conduct our business.

We are passionate about providing an excellent standard of care tailored to each individual’s needs and promoting independence through support. We work on an appointment basis so that our clients know when their carer will arrive and we provide a minimum of half-hourly appointments. This ensures that we can provide a high-quality professional service.

image of carer from your own home care in tring - dementia care services